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In the mobile social era, the spokes of superstars, the slogan of a straightforward brand, and the slogan of a gamble It has become more in the market, but it has also become more and more difficult for CMOs and CEOs to have a real sense of security....


If one day, you suddenly see your face in a movie, and you have no knowledge of your "starring" What do you think? Have you ever thought that your every move is being played by some strangers. Your rude performance at the restaurant is becom...
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Today you talk to two words: city, data. First, let's look at a set of data. As of last year, the number of active mobile phones in China has reached nearly 1.3 billion. Mobile phones have become part of human habits. Second, wearable devices are...
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Today, the world is watching China’s reform of the online game version number and filing approval system. The latest news said that domestic regulators have frozen the approval of online game version numbers and filings. As the world's largest ga...
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